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Former sociology lecturer at London Metropolitan University, Merilyn Moos is a writer, campaigner and intrepid train traveller. Merilyn was born in Oxford to Siegfried Moos and Lotte Moos, anti-Nazi activists and communists from Germany, who escaped from Hitler’s regime to England in 1933. Merilyn’s book Beaten but not Defeated (Zero Books, 2014) is a biography about her father and the story of his early life and the trauma of the loss of his family that he was reluctant to share with his children.  Merilyn also wrote an earlier novel called The Language of Silence (Cressida Press, 2012) which is semi-autobiographical loosely based upon her discovery that her mother had an affair with a Russian spy! Her most recent work Breaking the Silence, a co-authored book with Steve Cushion ‘Anti-Nazi Germans’ where Merilyn’s piece is ‘Enemies of the Nazi State from within the working-class movement’ and is presently writing a book on ‘German Anti-Nazis who fled to the UK’. She has also had published a number of articles about her mother, Lotte Moos.

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