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The Barton Hill History Group was founded in 1983

After an inspirational local community exhibition at the Barton Hill Settlement, the Barton Hill History Group was formed in September 1983.

The aim of learning about Barton Hill’s past proved popular and, directed by an enthusiastic committee the Group steadily grew. Since then, through many displays, meetings, presentations, publications and exhibitions, the BHHG has matured into Bristol’s most active, consistent and imaginative local history group. The gathering of memories and photographs has been coupled with detailed historical research. This combination has formed the basis of many BHHG presentations. In the wider field the BHHG has played a significant role in the big ‘Yesterday’s Bristol’ exhibitions in 1987 and 1991. The Group’s own exhibitions have been well received and grown in scope.

The BHHG has always been a broad-based group. In the 1990s the adjacent areas of Redfield, Lawrence Hill, Newtown, Moorfields, Whitehall and St Philips have been included in an increasingly varied programme. A vast range of subjects has been covered in the Group’s Bartonian magazine, which is published twice a year. This magazine and a regular newsletter keeps members informed of the Group’s activities. The loyal support of members continues to provide a solid base for the Group. This has been built upon by a talented committee where teamwork, camaraderie and historical knowledge have been very evident in the many projects undertaken.

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  1. hi i am trying to find pictures of the chip shop pub hardware and bakers on each corner of lincoln st and charlton st can anyone help

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