Stokes Croft Museum

Date: Friday 13th August 2010 Time: 7-10PM Venue: 81 - 83 STOKES CROFT Drinks: P.R.S.C. 37 JAMAICA ST. On the 13th of August 2010, the diversity of life in Stokes Croft will snap into focus with the opening of Stokes Croft Museum: A small independent space opposite Hamilton House on Stokes Croft. Conceived and created by Katy Bauer. Informed and constructed in partnership with The People's Republic of Stokes Croft. The project aims to shift the reverence automatically afforded museum […]

Stokes Croft Gentrification Alert!

Save Stokes Croft The clubs, pubs, cafés, squatted centres and artists’ studios of Stokes Croft have been the core of Bristol’s underground music and art scene for decades. This is the area that brought us Banksy, Roni Size, The Wild Bunch, Massive Attack, the famous Bristol club, free party and punk scene and all the other things that have made Bristol an exciting place to live since the 1960s. Now all this is under threat as Bristol City Council and property developers such as ‘Urban Creation’ […]

The Battle For Bristol

A night dedicated to ongoing struggles in Bristol to control our urban spaces whether playing field, park or pubs and clubs. Packers Field: A Victory? Packer's Field is a seven acre area of green land that nestles between the Whitehall, Easton and Greenbank districts of Bristol. For generations it was used by local people for recreation and leisure. In 2003 the City Council sold the lease to an Academy school without proper community consultation. Kevin Davis recounts the battle by local people […]

Where to buy BRHG publications

Buy from this website We are currently selling the following titles directly from our website: #6 The Life And Times Of Warren James #25 Walter Virgo and the Blakeney Gang #29 Coal On One Hand, Men On The Other #34 100 Fishponds Rd. #35 The Life and Death of Hannah Wiltshire #39 Lady Blackshirts #42 Ring Out the Thousand Wars of Old #43 Nautical Women #45 Mabel Tothill #47 Angela Carter's 'Provincial Bohemia' #48 God's Beautiful Sunshine #49 Steps Against War #50 The Forest of Dean Miners’ Riot […]
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History Walk: Riots, Massacres and Reform 1700s-1832

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This 1.5 hour walk in the centre of Bristol takes us through a century of working class history, charting the path of the ‘crowd’ from the ‘moral economy’ of the 1700s, through the effects of the French Revolution to the Reform riots of 1831/2. So come and find out: Why Bristol merchants trembled if the Kingswood Colliers were in town How best to do ‘collective bargaining by riot’ What happened during the infamous Bristol Bridge massacre What a silver coin, some stolen hammers and a tricolour […]

Join the Rad’s Army Radical History Zone on 30th April!

Radical History Zone 2016 PosterRadical History Zone 2016 Poster
We are celebrating two anniversaries this year! 2016 marks the 10th birthday of the Bristol Radical History Group. This year we have also organised the 5th Radical History Zone (RHZ). The RHZ is an autonomous space for ideas about radical history that takes place alongside the annual Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. As ever there will be an eclectic mix of topics taking a critical approach to hidden history, with perspectives and themes rarely explored in conventional histories or the mainstream […]

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2016

Radical History Zone 2016 Poster
The Radical History Zone is back at Hydra Books, 34 Old Market, BS2 0EZ, as part of Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2016. The main bookfair is once again at The Trinity Centre on Trinity Road. Bristol Radical History Group will also have a stall at the bookfair stocking our full range of pamphlets. We are celebrating two anniversaries this year! 2016 marks the 10th birthday of the Bristol Radical History Group. This year we have also organised the 5th Radical History Zone (RHZ). The RHZ is an […]
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Revolution in Rojava: Strengths and Challenges

Syria, The Kurds,ISIS and the West

With Since the descent into civil war in Syria, revolutionary forces have seized control of the Kurdish region of Rojava. This talk aims to assess the strengths,challenges and vulnerabilities of the revolutionary project under way there. In terms of strengths, I will focus principally on four: (1) revolutionary discipline and the power of ideology; (2) consciousness-raising, collective mobilization, and assembly democracy; (3) gender emancipation; and (4) attempts to accommodate ethnic and […]