A audio file from The Bible: The most dangerous book in the world? is now available. Click below to hear it.

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  1. Excellent – well done for making the recording available to all who could not be there for the debate.
    BRHG was obviously well prepared. It was quite interesting that the Canon could not remember ‘Faith, Hope & Charity’!
    His twist on the Descatres quote “I think, therefore I am” just underlines the point the Roger had made earlier that the ‘Church’ twists and turns and changes its tack to keep people on board and maintain social influence.
    This also links to the point made by the Christian woman towards the end of the debate who talked about the good works/community development being carried out by religious bodies. My experience is that many of these bodies do this for two reasons (1) as a means of obtaining funding – both public and from trusts and foundations (2) as part of their missionary programme.
    Once again, well done folks.

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