To celebrated the arrival in Bristol of Los Autonomos, an anarchist  Brasilian football team, on Monday 2nd August 2010 the Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls will be hosting a discussion featuring David Goldblatt.

Topics will include the world cup just passed, the next world cup to be held in Brasil and international fan culture. There will also be cheap Brasilian food and cocktails. From 7:30pm at the Stag and Hound at the bottom of Old Market.

David Goldblatt

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  1. An anarchist football side almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. Mr. Goldblatt, I’ve read THE BALL IS ROUND with great interest, being an American fairly new-come to the world’s game. My own sport of choice remains baseball, for reasons about as deeply historical as your own seem to be. If you could drop me an e-mail at h.turtledove at yahoo dot com, I’d enjoy talking with you about the two sports. Thanks.

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