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The Kaiser’s Black Guards

The 1915 South Wales Miners’ Strike

One hundred years ago, on July 15, 1915, two hundred thousand Welsh miners launched a strike for higher pay. Their coal was powering the Royal Navy in the midst of a world war. The miners defied the coalowners, the government, the law, the king and their own leaders. Why? And what lessons, if any, can be learnt for today? Robert Griffiths is a... More →

A Girl Among the Anarchists

From its advent as a modern worldview anarchism was always too pure a faith to be properly judged by the conduct of its adherents and practitioners. Or so it would seem from A Girl Among the Anarchists, one of several novels that lifts the lid on that simmering cauldron that was the Victorian anarchist scene. First published in 1903, the... More →

Gallipoli and Bristol

By Ian Wright,
The horses, the horses, we couldn't get the horses off the beach; we should not have been there A British veteran of Gallipoli In the Autumn of 1914 a number of men from Bristol were recruited into the 7th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. They spent the winter in billets in Basingstoke and then moved to Aldershot in February 1915 for final... More →

Arrowsmith and the ‘Bristol Revolution’ of 1831

By John Sidwell,
I was fortunate enough to acquire, among a collection of books, both the 1884 and the considerably expanded 1906 edition of Arrowsmith’s Dictionary of Bristol, edited by Henry J. Spear and J. W. Arrowsmith. Concurrent with other research I have been conducting into the Bristol riots of 1831 I perused the entry in each edition and was struck by... More →

Do You Have A Conchie In The Family?

Many men signed up for the army in the early weeks of the war. As the reality of the war became clear at home, the numbers of volunteers rapidly fell. The war machine needed more men. In 1915 the Derby Scheme was introduced to register men for the armed forces and encourage recruitment. In early 1916 the Military Service Act became law introducing... More →

Hoof Hustings

This film is to be premièred on a big screen at Our Forest My Vote (The Hoof Husting) at Forest Theatre, Five Acres college, at 6.30pm on Wed April 22. It will be followed by a Question Time-style debate with the audience, HOOF and parliamentary candidates, asking what will they do to protect our Forest of Dean? Entry: voluntary donation... More →

Tracing Movements

Resistance Struggles against Immigration Controls in Europe

Tracing Movements is a collection of films documenting struggles against immigration controls in Europe. At RHZ, we will be screening two films: Patra, Dead End relates the campaigns to stop the destruction of migrant camps in the port-town of Patra, Greece. Today, migrants continue to live in limbo, with no chance of gaining in Greece, and... More →

All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal

Reading History From Below

Published in 2012, All Knees and Elbows critically surveys tendencies which sought to uncover the agency of ‘ordinary’ people in challenging capitalism and developing different forms of social organisation. All Knees and Elbows engages the work of a number of British and international left historians and groups, including Silvia Federici,... More →

Cultures of solidarity and the 1984-85 miners’ strike

Cultures of Solidarity and the 1984-5 Miners' Strike

All Out! Dancing in Dulais! tells the story of London Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, a group which twinned with a mining community in South Wales. The inspiration for the recent film Pride, it is one of many examples of grassroots film-making during the 1984-5 British miners' strike. After watching the documentary, we will discuss the broad... More →