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The Archive : Articles
Bristol Radical History Week 2006
Bristol Radical History Week 2006 Report - By BRHG
A review of BRHW 2006 discussing what happened, why it happened and what does it all mean. Originally written for The Regional Historian.
Bristol Radical History Week 2006 Final Report
The vital statistics of BRHW 2006, including the accounts.
1831 And All That… - By BRHG
A look at the the 1831 Queens Square riots that challenges some common misconceptions. Originally published in Mute Magazine.
Cry Freedom, Cry Seven Stars - By Mark Steeds
An article written for CAMRA's Pints West Magazine that has a lot of radical history and one sentence about real ale. A review of BRHW by that well known historian and publican.
James Nayler's Ride into Bristol : October 1656 - By BRHG
An examination of James Nayler's beliefs, motives and legacy, including why the state found it so necessary to come down so hard on him.
The Southmead Riots - by John Serpico
An article about the little known Southmead Riots by an eye witness. These are the riots that time did not so much forget, as never acknowledged in the first place.
The Sealed Knot Q&A
Find out about the Sealed knot and how to get involved.
A Celebration Of St. Wulfstan - Mark Steeds (Jan 2007)
An article about an event to celebrate the life of St. Wulfstan.
Slaves Who Abolished Slavery - Richard Hart (March 2007)
A paper that accompanies Richard's talk on the slave revolts in the West Indies and the their affects on abolition.
An Brief Political And Economic Introduction To Bristol Glass - Jim McNeill (March 2007)
A short article about the origins of glass manufacturing in Bristol.
Some thoughts and observations on Bristol Radical History Group's Summer Party - BRHG (Sept 2007)
An article written after the summer party discussing the importance the original party of 1832. After the Reform Bill was passed a party held by those that had received the vote however, it was hijacked by those that still did not have the vote. Find out why these events are relevant today.
Cotswold Tobacco Growing Not Exactly A Digger Thing? - Jim McNeill (Nov 2007)
The Story of home grown tobacco in seventeenth century England. This article is the notes from Jim's talk given as part of Smugglers 1 at BRHW 2007.
Branscombe Bay and the Sea Commons - Roger (Nov 2007)
Slides from Roger's talk on the implications of the MSC Napoli wreck. (340 KB pdf file)
Seven Stars, Slavery and Freedom!- Mark Steeds (Feb 2008)
An article about the significance in World history of the Seven Stars pub. To find out more about the BRHG's efforts to rasie money for a new history plaque outside this pub click here.
The Seven Stars Pub & Thomas Clarkson (Feb 2008)
This article reproduces an account of Thomas Clarksons conections to The Seven Stars Pub and the landlord Thompson. The account was found in the Seven Stars pub when a new landlord took over in 2007. To find out more about the BRHG's efforts to rasie money for a new history plaque outside this pub click here.
Engilish Abolition: The Movie - Adam Hochschild (March 2008)
Adam Hochschild examines what happens when history is interpreted so as to fit the agendas of Hollywood and America's Christian Right.
Charles Bishop Battled On - Julie Boston (June 2008)
A poem about Charles Bishop's quest to re-open a right of way through St Anne's Wood in 1884.
Nettle Beer - Steve Stuffit (November 2008)
Or How To Brew a Different Social Relationship Based on Commoning Rather Than Alienation (including a br ief exploration of 800 years of history including both the use of Structural Adjustment Policies by the IMF and of the use of sugar in making alcohol). For another beer recipe click here.
Subversion of the US Armed Forces in the Vietnam War (1961-73)(March 2009)
Slides from an introduction to the film Sir! No Sir! shown by Bristol Indymedia at the Cube on Monday 2nd March. (90 KB pdf file)
Tolpuddle and Swing: The Flea and the Elephant (May 2009)
Comparing how we view the history of the Captain Swing Riots and the Tolpuddle Martyrs.
From Peterloo to Captain Swing - Roger (Sept 2009)
The slides from a talk on the hidden history of struggle in the 19th century which was presented at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. (1.25 MB pdf file)
Theresa Garnette Vrs. Winston Churchill - Anny Cullum (Oct 2009)
A short article about Theresa Garnett's attack on Winston Churchill in 1909 at Bristol Temple Meads. This article was distributed as a flyer during the Garnett Vrs. Churchill re-enactment.
Votes for Ladies: The Suffragette Movement 1903-1914 - Anny Cullim (Oct 2009)
Slides from Anny's talk given as part of Suffragette. (3 MB pdf File)
Forest Riots And Are You Wearing That T-Shirt - Ian Wright (Sept 2011)
News from The Forest (pdf).
Why have you come to Mourmansk? - G. Tchitcherineand and N. Lenin (October 2011)
A poster handed out to British troops how had been landed at Mourmansk towards the end of WWI.
Bread or Batons?: The Old Market 'riots' of February 1932 - Roger Ball (February 2012)
In the 'depression' of the early 1930s thousands of unemployed Bristolians marched against 'cuts' in benefits and were faced with police baton charges and politically inspired trials of their leaders.
Bristol Radical History Week Past And Present

Bristol Past And Present by J. F. Nicholls and John Taylor was published in 1882. While not radical itself, it contains descriptions of many of Bristol's radical moments in way that reflects its era. Below are listed several passages from Volume III.

Dorothy Hazard And Other Bristol Separatists
The story of Hazard (a.k.a Widow Kelly) and a group of non-conformists in bristol in around 1630.
James Nayler
He rode into Bristol, as Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and had with tongue bored out for his trouble.
John The Painter (AKA Jack The Painter)
During the American War of Independence John thought he would do hid bit for the cause by trying to burn down the royal dockyards.
The Bristol Bridge Riots
As in Sky people objected to the use of tolls on a bridge, unlike Sky this in 1793 one involved a massacre.
The 1831 Uprising - Part1 : The Reform Bill
The Reform Act has been defeated in parliament and the people of Bristol are miffed.
The 1831 Uprising - Part2 : The Uprising
The great unwashed sack 4 Gaols, trash Queens Square and burn down the Bishops Palace before the dragoons started removing heads.
The 1831 Uprising - Part3 : The Aftermath
The Mayor and Colonel Brereton go on trial and the dead are counted.
Articles Outside This Site
Slavery: A Shark's Perspective
A strange text sheds new light on the true roots of abolition by Marcus Reedier in The Boston Globe (23/09/2007)
Lore Turned Upside Down
A review of BRHW 2006 by BRHG in MetaMute (08/02/2007)
Amazing Disgrace
A critique of Amazing Grace, the 2007 film about William Wilberforce by Peter Linebaugh in CounterPunch (28/02/2007)
A Walk in Oaxaca
An article by Peter Linebaugh in MetaMute about his visit to Oaxaca over the new year in 2007. (13/01/2007)
Charters of Liberty in Black Face and White Face: Race, Slavery and the Commons
Peter Linebaugh exploring the Magna Carta and the commons and their relevance to just about the whole of the last 100o years of history. Published in MetaMute (23/11/2005)
History Our Weapon
Over 650 scanned pages of hard to find speeches, articles, pamphlets, etc about a range of resistance in US history. Here's a small sample:
A People's History of the Harold Hill Estate
This website offers a snapshot of the rich history of the Harold Hill estate which is positioned at the eastern end of Romford, Essex.
History Nexus
A community history portal. What does this mean? I don't know, but it is a site that contains listings of submitted history websites and the like. It is brought to you by the same people that made the Harold Hill website.
The Anarchist Manifeto
The original Anarchist Manifesto by Anselm Bellegarrigue from 1850. Originally published in French. A 280 kb PDF file.
Articles Outside This Site
The Bristol riots, their causes, progress, and consequences.
By a citizen [J. Eagles.]. A first hand account of the 1831 uprising from a concerned and upset citizen (yes, you guessed it not one of the mob).
Trial of Charles Pinney.
The Lord Mayor of Bristol during the 1831 uprising gets put on trial for failing to deal with the great unwashed.
An Essay on the Impolicy of the African Slave Trade: In Two Parts.
A seminal work by Thomas Clarkson.
The History of the Rise, Progress, and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave-trade
A review of the abolition movement by Thomas Clarkson.
A Transcript of James Nayler's Trial.
Read the original report of this farcical and yet disturbing event in British history.

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