Life and Death in two Victorian Workhouses

Downed Local History Society. Downend Folk House, Lincombe Barn, Overndale Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2RW Bedminster: the true story of how the local community pulled together to uncover murder in the workhouse. Eastville: The history of life death and burial at 100 Fishponds road. Both speakers are from the Bristol Radical History group

Plaque to mark Eastville Workhouse at 100 Fishponds Rd

100 Fishponds Rd, Pedestrian Entrance to East Trees Health Centre, Bristol BS5 6BF As part of the ongoing Eastville Workhouse history project a cast aluminium, painted plaque by local artist Mike Baker will be unveiled on the surviving gates to the workhouse at 100 Fishponds Rd. Over eighty years thousands of men, women and children passed through these gates, driven by poverty, great age or ill-health. Families were separated, endured hard labour and a punitive regime. The plaque shows a relief […]

The Eastville Workhouse Memorials

100 Fishponds Road
Where am I? You are on the site of Eastville Workhouse, which opened its doors in 1847. In the 1930s it became an old people's home and was finally demolished in 1972. This page is about the three memorials which are part of the Eastville Workhouse Project. Eastville Workhouse Plaque The plaque is situated on what is now the pedestrian entrance to East Trees Health Centre. This was the entrance to the driveway that led up to the main workhouse buildings. The new medical center was opened in […]

Some reaction to today’s memorial unveiling

Download the programme from the unveiling ceremony. The BBC put an article on their website: Eastville Workhouse's 'forgotten paupers' memorial unveiled. Beautiful, moving memorial this morning on Rosemary green, for 4000 men, woman & children buried in unmarked graves. — Hannahbella Nel (@Hannahbellaaaa) November 16, 2015 A follow up on our story with @BrisRadHis about unmarked paupers' graves: — BBC Inside Out West (@InsideOutWest) […]

100 Fishponds Rd.

Life and Death in a Victorian Workhouse

100 Fishponds Road Front Cover of 3rd Edition
In 2012, radical historians poring over old maps of east Bristol discovered a disused burial ground at Rosemary Green, close to the site of Eastville Workhouse. Over the following years, a team of local researchers revealed that in the nineteenth century more than 4,000 men, women and children from the workhouse had been interred in unmarked graves. Built in 1847 as a result of the New Poor Law, Eastville Workhouse was the largest in the Bristol area housing over a thousand inmates. 100 […]

Eastville Workhouse Burial Ground Memorial Unveiling Ceremony

Eastville Workhouse map 1880
Eastville Workhouse Burial Ground Memorial Unveiling Ceremony Rosemary Green, Eastville, BS5 6LB 11.00am Monday 16 November 2015 Download the full press release - Press Release Eastville Workhouse Memorial Group Event details. Residents of East Park Estate are to unveil a memorial to more than 4,000 men, women and children who died in Eastville’s notorious Workhouse between 1851 and 1895 and were buried in unmarked paupers’ graves in what is now Rosemary Green. A six foot Welsh slate standing […]

Opening the archive

Eastville Workhouse burial ground

Members of the Eastville Workhouse Memorial Group have used death registers at Bristol Record Office to identify the people given pauper's burials at Rosemary Green adjacent to the site of Eastville Workhouse. They found the names of over 4,000 men, women and children buried in unmarked graves and evidence of how Poor Law Guardians kept the cost of burying inmates as low as possible. As part of Explore Your Archive week, join us at this free drop-in session to see these interesting archival […]