Why History Matters & Radical History Matters More – Part 2

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Date: , 2009
With: Daniel Bennett
Series: BRHG Take Manhattan
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Section: Events
Subjects: Capitalism (The Rise Of)
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Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street New York, New York 10002

A series of lectures, presentations and discussion presented by Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) emphasising the importance and relevance of radical history. Using a diverse series of historical case studies the speakers will demonstrate the various interventions BRHG have made into their local and national histories including:

  • uncovering hidden histories
  • challenging established narratives
  • questioning previous generations of ‘radical history’
  • linking new narratives and critiques with current struggles

Since 2006 Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) have organised a bewildering range of history events; staging walks, talks, gigs, reconstructions, films, exhibitions, trips through the archives and fireside story telling.

Tonight, the Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) will give an account of its own formation as a group, the arc of their activities in Bristol and beyond, as well as how the methods and techniques employed in their history from below relates to practices of militant research.


A History of Commercial Corporations

Dan Bennett exposes the hidden and chequered history of the Corporation explaining in the process what corporations are, where they come from and how they derive their power.

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