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Date: , 2023
Time: to
Location: Studio1&2 Level 1
Venue: M Shed, BS1 4RN
Price: Free
With: Dave Chapple, Sheila Caffrey
Series: Bristol Radical History Festival 2023
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Subjects: Workers Organisations & Strikes
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Sheila Caffrey will talk about some of the picket lines and broader campaigns seen in Bristol in the last couple of years, and some of the bigger protests and how these have also affected the mood e.g. Black Lives Matter and COP-26, and the role Trades Unions have (or could have!) played in these.

Sheila Caffrey is an active trade unionist in Bristol. She first got involved with Bristol Trades Council 15 years ago, after becoming a teacher and a campaigner in the National Union of Teachers (NUT), but seeing a broader need to bring unions together across workplaces and sectors, as well as linking struggles to improve lives for everyone. As President of the Trades Council for the last three years, Sheila has regularly been seen with the banner on pickets and protests – sharing solidarity and flying the flag high for linking trade unions with the community.

Remaining an active member of the National Education Union, Sheila became an elected member of the National Executive for the South West two years ago, and is particularly proud of being part of the leadership that has led the recent national fight over pay and funding, defending educators and education.

Dave Chapple was a NUPE delegate to Bristol TUC from 1976 to 1984. He is the TUC Trades Councils’ Rep, for all 19 local councils in the west country, including Bristol, and a passionate working-class historian.

Dave’s talk will, therefore, include personal reminiscence, reflections of the trades councils movement as it stands today, whilst touching, on the way, both Bristol’s Post Office unions, and the little-known Bristol Miners Association.

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