BRHG/RRWW1 recreations and other local radical history films screened by Pauper Film Productions in the Level 1 foyer, including:

  • James Nayler: Recreation of the march into Bristol and trial of radical preacher, James Nayler in 1656 (2006).
  • Big Bang: 2,000 years of enclosure of the commons in 5 mins (2008).
  • Off His ‘Ed: Recreation of the murder of King Edmund I in 946 at Pucklechurch (2008).
  • Seven Stars Plaque Unveiling: Historian of Caribbean slavery, Richard Hart, unveils a plaque to the abolitionist Thomas Clarkson (2009).
  • Garnett vs. Churchill. Recreation of the attack on Winston Churchill by suffragette Theresa Garnett at Temple Meads Station in 1909 (2009).
  • The Dockers’ Debate: Recreation of Bristol dockers’ meeting on the eve of WW1 (2014).
  • 100 Fishponds Road: Eastville workhouse and the hidden pauper burials (2015).
  • Slaughter No Remedy: The story of imprisoned WW1 CO Bristol councillor Walter Ayles (2016)
  • Gas Girls: The story of the women who worked in the Mustard Gas Factories at Avonmouth in WW1 (2014).

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