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The Game of Drones + Unmanned

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Date: , 2013
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Venue: The Hydra Bookshop, BS2 0EZ
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With: Heathcote Williams (1941-2017), Alan Cox
Series: Miscellaneous 2013
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Subjects: Activism, Modern History (Post World War II)
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Game of Drones: The President and the White House Fly (Handsome Dog Productions, 2013). Investigative poem on topical issue of ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’. Written by Heathcote Williams; Narration and Montage by Alan Cox; produced by Margaret Cox. Screening will be introduced by anti-Drone campaigner John from Bath Activist Network.

About Heathcote Williams:

“I’d say the overwhelming feature of these poems and perhaps of Williams’ whole oeuvre is a sense of the development of an argument, either in favour of a cause or in opposition to what he clearly perceives as either an idiocy or a malign government or establishment force. Yet he’s rarely narrowly didactic and at his best his ‘argument’, whatever that may be, comes through experience and the development of empathy and understanding. In this sense he’s a bit like George Orwell and Charles Dickens, using language as a weapon on behalf of the defenceless and in defence of sanity. Yet there’s also a delight in language for its own sake, not something he takes to excess but it’s there nonetheless and his writing is all the better for it.” (Huxley Scientific Press).

Handsome Dog Productions

Anarcho-Pacifist documentary filmmakers supporting the work of one of the best and most neglected living English poets – Heathcote Williams – and pioneering a new art form bringing poetry to the screen.

Heathcote’s work uses “language as a weapon on behalf of the defenceless and in defence of sanity”.

Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars. Director Robert Greenwald’s brand new film documentary premiered 30th October 2013. Mary Dobbing, researcher with Drone Wars UK, will introduce the film and talk about the UK’s use of drones in Afghanistan. The full synopsis is available on Wikipwdia.

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