Heathcote Williams (1941-2017)

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Heathcote Williams (1941-2017) passed away on 1st July 2017. Heathcote was a poet, actor, environmentalist, free-festival organiser, magician, song-writer, artist, polymath and one-time Ambassador to Great Britian for the autonomous squatters’ republic of Frestonia. See the Wikipedia entry for Heathcote Williams for fuller details of his life and work. His publications included such classics as Whale Nation (1988), Sacred Elephant (1989), Falling for a Dolphin (1991), Autogeddon (1992) and most recently American Porn (2017), a final counterblast against the Trump Presidency.

Heathcote also took a keen interest in all aspects of radical history and his work was performed at four BRHG events, with excellent recitals by Ciaran Walsh, Roy Hutchins, Jasper Britton and Sean McGann. He once referred to the BRHG as ‘a grand looking gang of shaking subversives and historical earth movers!’ BRHG member Stephen E. Hunt wrote the tribute ‘On the Funeral of Heathcote Williams‘ for the International Times online.


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