Fighting for two Republics : Irish volunteers in the British Battalion, International Brigades

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Date: , 2024
Time: to
Venue: The Cube, BS2 8JD
Price: Free/donation
With: Joe Mooney
Series: Bristol Radical History Festival
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Subjects: Fascism & Anti-Fascism, Republicanism, Revolution & Rebellion
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Between 1936 to 1939 Spain was engulfed in a brutal Civil War, as the Republican government struggled to defeat a fascist military coup, which was supported by Hitler and Mussolini. Workers from all over the world volunteered to fight in the International Brigades against the fascist threat.
This included a significant number of Irishmen, many of whom were veterans of the IRA and were part of the Independence struggle against British rule.
In this talk the story of these Irish volunteers will be told, looking particularly at the significant role they played in the ‘British Battalion’ and how deep seated political and historical differences manifested and were tackled.


  1. Duncan James Longstaff

    What time is the talk by Joe Mooney.

    Also my father Johnny Longstaff fought in the British Battalion during the SCW, he new Mick O’Riordan and Paddy O’Dare

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