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Abolitionists in Bristol

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Date: , 2016
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Venue: The Hydra Bookshop, BS2 0EZ
Price: Donation
With: Mark Steeds
Series: Miscellaneous 2016
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Subjects: Radical Bristol, Slavery & Resistance
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According to historians of the slave-trade in Bristol there were ‘precious few’ Abolitionists in the city – but at least there were some and not just in the 18th and 19th
Centuries. The last Anglo-Saxon Bishop, St Wulfstan, managed to get the 400 year-old trade of slaves between Bristol and Dublin banned in the 11th Century.

Still obscured, the only ‘good’ story you can get from slavery is the banning of it. Bristol Radical History Group member Mark Steeds will try to shed some light upon the hidden histories of the brave people who stood against the ‘vile trade’. Mark will also show how the people of Nantes in France have addressed the same issue with a magnificent memorial, one that is long overdue in Bristol…

Richard Hart
The late Richard Hart, historian of Caribbean slave rebellions, unveils a plaque commemorating abolitionists Thomas Clarkson, Landlord Thompson and the whistle-blowing Bristol sailors on the Seven Stars pub in Bristol (2009)

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