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People’s Histreh (Nottingham and Notts Radical History Group) are a group brought together by a mutual interest in cake and what has been called ‘history from below‘, ‘grassroots history’ or ‘social history‘. As Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have such a long and turbulent history of socioeconomic transformation, disturbance and conflict, there is a lot to be unearthed. In fact, the most amazing, inspiring, shocking and outrageous stories leap out wherever the surface is scratched. Having worked on a variety of subjects since we first got together in 2009, we have organised numerous talks, meetings and guided walks, for instance our popular guided walks To the Castle!, retracing the 1831 Reform Riots. Our publication of the same title, along with our pamphlet Damn his charity… (on the remarkable events known as Nottingham’s ‘Great Cheese Riot’), was reprinted in our paperback book Nottingham Rising…. Our other publications include Chris Richardson’s exciting book A City of Light…, and over the last couple of years we published a number of pamphlets as part of our ongoing research project 103 Foresters.

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