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Clive Bush is Emeritus Professor of American literature and former Head of the English department at King’s College, London.  He was educated in State schools in Yorkshire, Nottingham and at Ivy Lane Junior School in Chippenham and at Chippenham Grammar School.  From 1960-1 he did VSO among the Isokos of Eastern Nigeria, helping to build a school, and supplying it with water and electricity as well as teaching English, History and Latin in the school.  After obtaining three degrees in English and American Literature at King’s College London he pioneered American Studies and American Literature for twenty-four years at the then new University of Warwick.  He subsequently taught at King’s College for fifteen years.  He has held two American Council of Learned Societies fellowships at Yale, is the author of five multi-disciplinary scholarly monographs;  engaging with American history, culture, painting, and philosophy from the 18th to the 20th centuries, a book on five contemporary English poets, many articles, and five books of poetry.

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