Merry Hell

A singular conflagration of live music and moving pictures to launch Bristol Radical History Week into fair winds. The Cube Orchestra will accompany exceptional films with improvised scores. Pirates created an upside down world of anarchist organisation and festival, with violence and death ever present. Through the satanic imagery of their flags, skulls, skeletons, grim reapers and hourglasses, they expressed their defiance of death itself. Pirates shunned Christian myths of paradise and […]

Bristol Central Library Exhibition

For the whole week there was a display of historic radical journals from Bristol such as Coleridge's Journal The Watchman and the original Bristolian. There was also be a special viewing, conducted by Jane Bradley the Local Studies Librarian, of the Bristol Room which contains among other things Judge Jeffreys' (the 'Hanging Judge') chair - 2pm on Monday 30th October. The Bristol Room is designed as a memorial to the old library in King Street. It contains the original bookcases and fireplace […]

Spyglass Exhibition

An exhibition opening on Sunday 29th October including prints of the 1831 uprising, images from slave rebellions, photographs from the 1987 uprising in St. Pauls and an actual cell door (complete with prisoner's graffiti) from the Bristol city jail (cira 1840). The Exhibition includes A Luta Continua (The Struggle Continues) by Bandele Iyapo (artist and "trouble maker"). This consists of works in a variety of media including a collection of montages critiquing the inability of Bristol's […]

Mo’ May day Events

Bristol Radical History Group are putting on two events for May Day: The Haymarket, Chicago and Mayday and The Friends of Durruti and the Maydays in Barcelona (1937) . Detials of these can be found on the events page. In addition to this the Bristol Fist Of May Group are putting on many eight events. You can find details of these on their website.

Waiting for Brando

Waiting for Brando is a new play written by Mike Morris & Steve Higginson. Its debut is at The Unity Theatre, Liverpool, from Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th May. America 1953 – A country made paranoid by McCarthy’s anti-communist witch-hunts is beginning to march to the sound of civil rights, the birth of rock and roll and the new ‘teenage’ rebel. Two Liverpool merchant seamen, Eddie and Vinnie – both ‘Cunard Yanks’, meet up in a New York dockside bar to drink away the afternoon before their […]

Riot Talks

Roger will be giving the following talks: Manchester Radical History Group - Saturday 31st March at the Town Hall Tavern, 2:30pm. "Practical Experiences & Endeavours of the Bristol Radical History Group" Liverpool/John Moores University - Wednesday May 2, 6:30-8:30pm at 126 Mount Pleasant. Leeds: Thursday 29th March London: Housemans Bookshop: Wednesday 25th April "The Short Hot Summer". The August 'riots' were portrayed by the media and politi-cians as the actions of 'greedy feral youth' or […]

From the Great Plague to the Plague of Women: Purity, Misogyny and Female Enclosure

Thursday 8th March Hydra Bookshop: 34 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0EZ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Price: donations Steve Higginson will interpret the re-birth of misogyny by looking at the period of the Great Plague, 1345 onwards, and the great moralising discourse that swept across Europe post plaque. Located within this discourse of purity, women were viewed as both cause and effect of the plague, and were to be “enclosed” accordingly within the domestic sphere. The purity campaign against women was […]

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