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Breviary Stuff Publications is concerned with ‘history from below’, the history of ordinary people and our perpetual struggles for some fairness and freedom from the oppression that we have been and are forced to endure in our daily lives. We are not concerned with the history of ‘great men‘, the wealthy, the powerful, the famous. We are interested in what ordinary people felt about the situations that they found themselves in, how their lives were shaped by them, how they reacted to them, the actions they took, and how the state responded to such demands. Much of this history has been disregarded as insignificant by traditional political history and is thus hidden, to the extent that many people have no knowledge of their own history.

Fortunately for us many historians have sought to unearth this hidden history and through their work we are able to enrich our understanding of our lives. Breviary Stuff Publications aims to keep significant works in print. Unlike certain academic presses, who publish works on working class history with cover prices that most working class people cannot afford, our books will be published within affordable limits. This is our small effort towards a society which is grounded in mutual respect.

We don’t set out to be radical just for the sake of being radical. It is dictated by the problems which we see and the solutions which we perceive. When you declare that things are fundamentally wrong you are radical by definition.

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