Radical History Walk Map

The audio files from the walk are (all mp3 files, right click to save): 1. Introduction (3.20mins, 2.4MB) 2. James Nayler, Religious Radical Part 1 (7:20mins, 5.5MB) 3. James Nayler, Religious Radical Part 2 (5:53mins, 3.4MB) 4. Dorothy Hazard, Religious Radical (4:27mins, 3.1MB) 5. Castle Park (9:45mins, 6.9MB) 6. St. Wulfstan & The Bristol Bridge Riot (11.23mins, 8.0MB) 7. The Seven Stars Pub & Thomas Clarkson (6:12mins, 4.4MB) 8. Thomas Canning's House (1:41mins, 1.2MB) 9. Hole In The […]

1932 Old Market Riot Map

On Tuesday 23rd February an estimated 3,000 to 15,000 protesters from the National Unemployed Workers' Movement (NUWM) march to protest about a cut in unemployment benefits. The police had banned the march but the NUWM were not deterred. The peaceful procession followed a winding route but ended up on Old Market Street where they were faced by a double row of police with batons drawn and backed up by mounted officers at the junction with Castle Street. The marchers were unaware that the Chief […]

Millerd’s Map 1673

Click the map to zoom in and then click and drag to move around Bristol. Your bowser needs to have a Flash Payer plugin. Alternatively view the map as a large jpeg file (1 mb). You can also download a large hi-resolution file (4.6 mb jpeg file).
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