The Strange Paradox of ‘Ding Dong’: “political correctness gone mad”

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Last night I bought a copy of the Daily Mail (for the first time in my life) as I am into surrealism in a big way. I just had to do it. There several headlines which took my fancy:

“BBC ‘Witch’ Song Insult to Maggie” (front page)

“….and now even a police sergeant tweets meassages of hate” (front page)

“I hope Thatcher’s death was degrading and painful, tweets sick Scotland Yard sergeant” (page 7)

…and unbelievably on their website headlines:

“‘They danced in the streets when Hitler died too’: Death parties drama teacher likens Lady Thatcher to Nazi leader”

“Romany Blythe, of Worthing, created webpage called: ‘The witch is dead'”

“She was given breast implants on NHS because of her low self-esteem”

“45-year-old wrote of Lady Thatcher: ‘Who wants to p*** on her grave?”

You what!!!! Yes, you what?? Breast implants on the NHS, have the right-wing finally completely lost it?

As ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ shoots up the charts the Mail and many other commentators have been horrified. The Mail is running a campaign to get it banned but are up against the ‘communist’ BBC (sic) who are going to play a snippet and then explain to their younger listeners ‘what it means’. Bunch of liberals if you ask me, just play it. References have been made to the Sex Pistols ‘God Save the Queen’ which famously reached number one during the Silver Jubilee week in 1977. The song wasn’t played, effectively being banned, and to the situationists delight was even erased from the chart in the press. So there was no number one that week; was this ‘the end of music’? The Pistols were later faced with attempts to ban their seminal album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ for being offensive (i.e. it had the word ‘bollocks’ on public display). The case eventally failed but not after a significant legal battle and disruption of the LP’s production.

Now’Ding Dong’ is a different kettle of fish altogether. The song itself does not contain any swear words or offensive statements. So banning it is a bit of a legal problem, as it is not literally offensive, blasphemous or whatever. So the battle is now over its meaning. So how do you ban something on the basis of its meaning rather than its content? What you do is get a ‘real’ Munchkin to denounce it….

…and try and create more ‘outrage’. But hang on a minute what about the writer of the song? What did he have to say?

“Last night experts said New Yorker Yip Harburg — who wrote the song along with the Oscar-winning Over The Rainbow — may have ENJOYED its political revival. He was born Isidore Hochberg but it is thought he may have changed his name in tribute to the Young People’s Socialist League — the student arm of the American Socialist Party — who were known as Yipsels. ”

So no joy there for The Sun. The madness over trying to suppress a song based on its subjective meaning is so surreal it almost defies belief. Orwell would have been laughed at if he had put this in his anti-stalinist classic ‘1984’ . Now the joke is on us.

So the paradox of ‘Ding Dong’? All week we have heard how sick it is to ‘celebrate’ the death of anyone. What about the family? The happy memories? Etc etc. Well, let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a wicked Witch of the East who was cruel and oppressive to the ‘little people’, the Munchkins, in the land of Oz. Trapped in her house and whipped up in tornado, a young girl ‘Dorothy’ (and her little dog too), came crashing to down to earth in Oz killing the evil Witch instantly and thereby ending decades of dictatorship. Two Munchkins presented a bouquet to Dorothy and spread the news that ‘the wicked old witch at last is dead!’. The Munchkins then sang ‘Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead’. After its one verse, there is an interruption, as the city officials needed to determine if the witch was ‘undeniably and reliably dead’; after all, better safe than sorry. The coroner confirms that she is definitely dead, and the mayor reiterates advice to the Munchkins to spread the news. The Munchkins oblige, the celebrations begin and they sing happily ‘Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead’ again.

These Munchkins are the kind of sick bastards that are destroying Ozian society. How can you celebrate the death of anyone, especially the ‘Wicked Witch of the East’? After all, she probably has family (well at least some goblins or something). And what about Dorothy, she didn’t even go to court for killing her. Typical bleeding heart liberals letting the undeserving poor get off scott free. Apparently Dorothy even had breast implants on the MHS (Munchkin Health Service) becuse she had problems with ‘low self-esteem’. Disgusting sicko.

So if it is so evil to celebrate someones death, then why have we been feeding this disgusting communist ‘Wizard of Oz’ nonsense to our children for so long? Left-wing teachers are probably behind it or maybe its a MWP (Munchkin Workers Party) plot. The whole story is sick, especially the celebration of someones death. We should not only ban ‘Ding Dong’ but the film should never be shown again, especially at Christmas.

So there.


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