• Thursday 8th March
  • Hydra Bookshop: 34 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0EZ
  • 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Price: donations

Steve Higginson will interpret the re-birth of misogyny by looking at the period of the Great Plague, 1345 onwards, and the great moralising discourse that swept across Europe post plaque. Located within this discourse of purity, women were viewed as both cause and effect of the plague, and were to be “enclosed” accordingly within the domestic sphere. The purity campaign against women was attributable to a re-reading of the Old Testament plus a resurgance of interest in Aristotlian ethics.

Steve hails from Liverpool and was a rank and file organiser in the Communication Workers Union. Now a post-graduate, Steve lectures at John Moores University. His recent projects include an examination of time, memory and movement in port cities (principally Liverpool) as co-author of Edgy Cities (2006). He has been a regular contributor to Bristol Radical History Group events.

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  1. I am the curator at Newport Art Gallery, just wanted to thank you for publicising the recent opening here of Llew Smith’s radical christmas card exhibition ‘Glad Tidings of Struggle and Strife’. I also wanted to extend an invitation to your group – if you wish to pay us a group visit to see the show, I would be very happy to give you a walk and talk of the show. Please get in touch if this appeals.

    best wishes


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