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All of the BRHG pamphlets are now available to buy on the Tangent Books website (all prices include postage within the UK):

Bristol based Tangent books are the publishers of various volumes including Bash The Rich, Ian Bone’s memoirs, and have been very kind to Bristol Radical History Group since we stated running book stalls in 2006. Find out more about Tangent at

The 12 BRHG titles currently on offer are (#1 is currently out of print with a second edition pending):

#2 We Come For Our Own And Shall Have It – Smuggling In Poole And Dorset By Kev Davis

#3 A Brief History Of Corporations – Were Did They Come From? By Dan Bennett

#4 The Bristol Manifesto – The 2008 G8 In Hokkaido: Strategic Assessment By The Emergency Exit Collective

#5 John Locke – The Philosopher Of Primitive Accumulation By George Caffentzis

#6 The Life And Times Of Warren James – Free Miner Of The Forest Of Dean By Ian Wright

#7 ‘Race War’ – Black American GIs In Bristol And Gloucestershire In World War II – By Neil A Wynn

#8 Yesterdday’s To-morrow – Bristol’s Garden Suburbs – By Stephen E. Hunt

#9 Nicotiana Britannica – The Cotswolds’ Illicit Tobacco Cultivation In The 17th Century By Jim McNeill And Will Simpson

#10 Radical Brewing – Work, Energy, Commoning & Beer By Steve Stuffit

#11 A Barbarous And Ungovernable People – Short History Of The Miners Of Kingswood Forest By Steve Mills

#12 Tolpuddle And Swing – The Flea And The Elephant By Roger Ball

#13 Bristol’s White Slave Trade – Indentured And Enforced Labour In The 17th Century By Andrea Button

More information about these pamphlets can be found at and at Tangent’s website following the link above.

Happy reading

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