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FA Cup Semi Final Day
Liverpool v Nottingham Forest
15 April 1989
At Hillsborough

This April is the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough football disaster which killed 96 Liverpool fans and injured hundreds more. 20 years on, few people know what actually happened and the (now admitted) lies told by the Police to the press at the time remain many people’s memory of events. The coroner and the inquiry narrowly restricted their investigations. Numerous Judges have thwarted attempts by the survivors, families and campaign groups to have the events investigated. Injunctions event prevent people from speaking about certain aspects of the day.

Bristol Radical History Group welcomes Sheila Coleman, David Goldblatt and Daniel Bennett to give witness evidence of what actually happened, to explore the football-political context in which it took place and the legal struggles which followed.

Sheila Coleman has been involved in researching the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster since 1989. As a member of the Hillsborough Project she monitored the legal proceedings arising from the disaster and co-authored the first critical analysis of the events. Sheila is an active member of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

David Goldblatt, best selling author of acclaimed The Ball is Round a global history of football, covers in his book the Home Office instructions to the Police to herd all football fans from the station to the stadium, where they should be held in pens.

Daniel Bennett, was a witness to the event from the stands. His witness statement is on the HJC website, which is hosted on a server in Holland due to an injunction preventing its publication in the UK.
Monday 20th April 2009, at The Cube From 7:30pm.

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