The Bristol Wirelss Pirate Radio Talk

Bristol Wireless will be hosting a fascinating talk on UK Pirate Radio in the 1960’s and 70’s on Wednesday 14th Jan at 8pm in The Zoo Bar, St Werburghs Community Center.

Our Treasurer Julien Weston will be talking of how and why the pirate stations came about, their fascinating and ongoing conflict with the UK government and the draconian measures the government eventually took to get the North Sea broadcasters off the air once and for all. The talk will feature original sounds from many of the pirate stations and stunning images from the North Sea. Julien tells us his talk will cover the ships, the transmitters, the music, the people – and unfortunately, the authorities. He will also reveal some curiosities such as why the pirate radio story really starts in 1660, how the UK government can still “legally” pursue its citizens anywhere in the world and what the link is between the radio pirates and the Lockerbie bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103. The Bristol Wireless bar will be open on the evening for your refreshment with all proceeds going to the Bristol Wireless project. The talk will last for one hour with plenty of time for questions and answers afterwards.

THE BRISTOL WIRELESS PIRATE RADIO TALK The Zoo Bar (Room 3) St Werburghs Community Centre Horley Road, St Werburghs BRISTOL BS2 9TJ Wednesday 14th Jan 8-9pm.

Bristol Storytelling Festival

31st January – 4th Feburary

Details can be found on thier website.

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