Film Screening – Greece: The Hidden War

Part One – The Battle for Athens

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This documentary series on the Greek Civil War of 1946-49 was made for Channel Four in 1986. Wikipedia records that it “gave rise to the biggest uproar in the history of British television; the series was banned, all but one copy destroyed …”. Jeremy Isaacs, in his book ‘Storm over 4: A Personal Account’ (published 1989) writes in defence of the series that, “Greece: The Hidden War did not lie”. Presented by the Bristol Radical History Group, programme one will be introduced by Jane Gabriel, the […]

The Blood Never Dried

A People's History of the British Empire

By John Newsinger
This year is seeing a veritable frenzy of spectaculars encouraging the sad old supremecist idea that Being British is something to be jolly well/fucking proud of, what with all our institutions and history and achievements. Our diversity in particular has been cited as a significant reason we got lumbered with the Olympics and the French didn't. Anybody wishing to read something that presents a less uncritical evaluation of these ideas and an unsanitised history of some of the "achievements" […]

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