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Behind the Myth of Peter the Painter

Separating the fact and fiction of anarchist violence

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Bristol Radical History Group is excited to host the UK book launch of "A Towering Flame: The Life and Times of the Elusive Latvian Anarchist Peter the Painter" (published by Breviary Stuff Publications). The author, anarchist historian Philip Ruff, will present and talk about his book. There will then be a Q&A and discussion. BRHG last hosted Philip Ruff when he gave a talk on 'Political Assassins' during Off With Their Heads - Bristol Radical History Week 2008. At that point he had been […]

Political Assassins

Avengers & Madmen - Propagandists Of The Deed & The Dawn Of Modern Terrorism - Matt Carr The author of the controversial (and banned) history of terrorism, The Infernal Machine, looks at the anarchist assassins of the late 19th century. Carr considers how such attacks were perceived by their protagonists and spectators, and how the heroic template that they developed has been reproduced in various other contexts. Author of The Infernal Machine – A History of Terrorism*, the first edition […]

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