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‘We build them up and we pull them down’: Sarah Lundberg Summer School – Dublin

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Date: , 2024
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With: Mark Steeds, Roger Ball
Series: Miscellaneous 2024
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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Sarah Lundberg Summer School – Seán O’Casey Theatre, St Mary’s Road, East Wall, Dublin 3, Ireland

The 10th annual Sarah Lundberg Summer School is an exploration of the concept of commemoration, remembrance and celebration.

  • Who decides what is remembered and how do we remember it ?
  • Are all commemorations of equal importance, can remembrance be ‘neutral’ or is there always an agenda ?
  • Does history dictate how we commemorate the past, or do commemorations shape how we view the past ?

Presentations will include:

  • The ups and downs of Dublin’s statues featuring Hugo McGuinness of the East Wall History Group.
  • ‘We’ve put up more than we’ve pulled down’: The fall of Colston and the memorial landscape of Bristol featuring special guests Roger Ball and Mark Steeds of the Bristol Radical History Group and Countering-Colston.
  • Final presentation to be announced.

The event is FREE , and a complimentary light lunch will be provided.

Booking details here.

The annual Sarah Lundberg Summer School is hosted by the East Wall History Group and the Alternative Visions Oral History Project. It is held in the memory of our dear friend and colleague Sarah who took her own life in 2014. There will also be a short celebration, sharing our own memories of Sarah.

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