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Voyage of Despair: The Hannibal, its captain and all who sailed in her, 1693–1695

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With: Rosemary L Caldicott
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Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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Front cover with picture of a slave ship off Africa, colourised in blue, purple and pink


People’s University of Fishponds – Sunday 30 June 2024 – 7:00pm – The Nissen Hut, Eastville Park, Bristol.

In 1693, Captain Thomas Phillips embarked on a voyage from London to Guinea in the Hannibal, where he purchased enslaved Africans on behalf of the Royal African Company. The subsequent journey across the Atlantic witnessed a tragic toll, with hundreds of the enslaved captives, and many of the crew, losing their lives before the ship reached the shores of Barbados.

Fast forward to 2010, three centuries later, in 2010, Brecon Town Council made a startling decision — to honour Captain Phillips with a plaque, a decision that ignited controversy.

Rosemary Caldicott returns to PUF, analysing the pages of Phillips’s journal to reveal the day-to-day brutality that defined the triangular trade, uncovering the forgotten stories of the victims in this dark chapter in history. She also reveals the compelling story of the campaign to remove the plaque, a campaign that finally bore fruit amid the world-wide ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests that reached the heart of Brecon.

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Order Book here:- pamphleteer/voyage-of-despair

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