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Radical History From Below

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Red and Black Cafe, 400 SE 12th Avenue (Buckman), Portland, OR 97212, USA

The Bristol Radical History Group explores history from below,  opening up hidden histories and critiquing mainstream narratives. Roger Ball talks  about their fun and innovative project.

Bristol Radical History Group was born from an expanded sports  club with the idea of opening up the hidden history of their home city to public scrutiny, to challenge some commonly held ideas about historical events and approach this history from ‘below’. The result has been to successfully engage the public in the excitement of radical history by the use of different media, to integrating the formal lecture with street performance. Bristol Radical History Group will be outlining the influences that inspired their project through various media; from E.P. Thompson to punk rock, describing their forays into the battles over the historical representations of their city from slavery to labour history and looking to the future of radical history from ‘below’. So if you want to find out what unites a 17th Century blasphemous preacher and some drunken Can-Can dancers this is the event for you.


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