Captain Swing Reconsidered: forty years of rural history from below

Our friend Steve Poole from UWE is involved in organising the following event: A Southern History Society Conference University of Reading, UK March 21st 2009 The anniversary this year of E. J. Hobsbawm and George Rudé's Captain Swing offers a timely opportunity to reflect upon the development of rural histories from below over the last four decades. Please see full programme details and booking form at

Some Forthcomming Events

The Bristol Wirelss Pirate Radio Talk Bristol Wireless will be hosting a fascinating talk on UK Pirate Radio in the 1960's and 70's on Wednesday 14th Jan at 8pm in The Zoo Bar, St Werburghs Community Center. Our Treasurer Julien Weston will be talking of how and why the pirate stations came about, their fascinating and ongoing conflict with the UK government and the draconian measures the government eventually took to get the North Sea broadcasters off the air once and for all. The talk will […]

Seven Stars Plaque Video

Bristol Radical History Group are currently raising money to pay for a new plaque on the Seven Stars Pub in Redcliffe. The Seven Stars is a landmark in the abolition of slavery and where Thomas Clarkson began his research into the conditions on transatlantic slave ships. The fund raising has reached a point where Mike Baker has been able to start work on the mould. Alex Milne went down to Mike's workshop and interviewed Mike as he worked. Find out more about the Seven Stars Plaque. To see this […]

Off With Their Heads Audio & Video Files

The audio and video files for Bristol Radical History Week 2008 have been added to the site. Audio Some of these audio files leave a little to be desired because of the poor acoustics in one of the venues. Lucio Urtubia -from 'Bank Robbing Is An Honour For Me' Collin Thomas -from Regicide And The English Revolution Geoffrey Robertson - from Regicide And The English Revolution Matt Carr - from Political Assassins Phil Ruff - from Political Assassins Ian Heywood -from Specters Of Violence Steve […]

An Audience With Lucio Urtubia

‘Robbing Banks Is An Honour For Me' As a tasty hors d'oeuvre to Bristol Radical History Week 2008 we are extremely pleased to present Lucio Urtubia, anarchist, bank robber, forger, fugitive and above all bricklayer. We will also be showing the biopic/documentary Lucio. Monday 20th October, 7:30pm at The Cube. Click here for full details of this event.

We Give You So Much At One Time

12 Events In 12 Days The programme for Bristol Radical History Week 2008 is complete. To see the full details of all the events CLICK HERE. Speakers: Geoffrey Robertson, Colin Thomas, Matt Carr, Phil Ruff, Ian Haywood, Dawn Dyer, Jane Bradley, Steve Poole, Robert Lamb, David Cullum, David Rollison, Gayle Boyle. Performers: Roy Bailey, Eirlys Rhiannon, Robb Jonhson And The Irregulars, Clayton Blizzard, The Surfin' Turnips, Who's Afear'd, Paul McCoch, Martin Maudsley. Tickets for the Roy Bailey […]

Bristol Radical History Week 2008

Off With Their Heads Assassins, Plots & Regicide Saturday 24th October - Tuesday 4th November To see the full programme of these events click here. January 2009 sees the 360th anniversary of the regicide of Charles I and the creation of the English Republic, a unique moment in our island's history. To commemorate this momentous event, Bristol Radical History Week 2008 features 10 days of lectures, debates, gigs and 'happenings' dedicated to the men and women who have attempted to instigate […]