Hillsborough: What Really Happened?

This April is the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough football disaster which killed 96 Liverpool fans and injured hundreds more. Twenty years on, few people know what actually happened and the (now admitted) lies told by the Police to the press at the time remain as many people's memory of events. The coroner and the inquiry narrowly restricted their investigations. Numerous judges have thwarted attempts by the survivors, families and campaign groups to have the events investigated. […]

The Beautiful Game?

The Ball Is Round Why is football is the world game? What kind of world does it show us? David Goldblatt surveys the ‘beautiful game’ and ‘goes in hard’ on the money men who increasingly dominate what was once the peoples’ game. Goldblatt is a Tottenham fan and the acclaimed author of The Ball is Round a global history of football. Listen to this talk: David Goldblatt Q&A Downlaod David Goldblatt's talk (56 mins, 9.7mb mp3 file) Download the Q&A (1hr 7mins, 11.5mb mp3 file)