Bristol Records office have launched their new online catalogue.

Bristol Record Office holds almost two million documents which record the history of the city and the surrounding area from the 12th century to the present day. These include minutes, accounts, letters, diaries, maps, photographs and films created by many types of organisations and people.


  1. I am looking for records of patients to the Bristol royal infirmiary about 1930 as I was a patient there and would like to now how long I was there as I had infantile parylisis thank you mr t hgiles

    • We used to live at 2 Acraman Road Southville BS3 before we emigrated to West Australia. I would like to find a pictorial reference of the ORIGINAL house pre WW 2 It scored a direct hit during the blitz and was rebuilt after the war. It originally faced down Dean Lane (opposite the school) and we were told it used to be owned by the owner of Ffyffes Bananas. I hope you can help or refer me to somewhere that may be able to help. Thank you.

  2. My grand father was buried in Bristol in 1941 he was a police man. He was in the boar war the first world war. 1875 to 1941. His name was Henry ball. If there was Eny information I could get on him I would be very grateful. I of course would have to be informed of price. Sincerely David wynne thank you.

  3. “City of Bristol,The Oath of a Burgess, Benjamin Taynton, dated 04/07/1805 on parchment. Burgess No.17,page 168”.
    Family Tree up to 1817 .

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