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To raise the last few pounds needed to pay for the Seven Stars plaque we have organised a prize draw. Tickets are £1 each and available from the Seven Stars pub in Redcliffe, the Beaufort Arms in Hawkesbury Upton and from members of BRHG. If you would like to get hold of some tickets email

The prize list keeps growing with each generous donation. At pressent the list is as follows:

  • A reconditioned mountain bike from Tadman’s Cycles.
  • A bottle of very good champagne
  • A case of Shape’s Ale
  • A t-shirt of your choice from Captain Grooviss
  • A set of BRH pamphlets
  • A signed Bath rugby shirt
  • Assorted history books signed by the authors
  • Some brew-a-bilia

The draw itself will take place at the Seven Stars pub on Saturday 18th April 2009 at about 9pm. This will be part of another storming Who’s Afear’d gig.

Find out more about the Seven Stars Plaque.

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