Justseeds: Radical art group

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, a network of artists from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, has been producing print and design work reflecting radical social, environmental and political movements or more than fifteen years. You may have come across one project of theirs at BRHG events the excellent ‘Celebrate People’s History’ poster series, which popularises hidden histories and figures of radical social movements. Interference Archive organizer and member of the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, […]

Gentrification In New York

Justice In The Barrio

Speaker - Juan The Movement for Justice in El Barrio (MJB) was founded in New York by immigrants and low-income people of color fighting back against the effects of neo-liberalism and discrimination in all of its forms. The organisation operates on a commitment to the ideals of self-determination, autonomy and participatory democracy emphasizing their connection to the Zapatista’s ‘Other Campaign’. Driven by multi-national corporations and profit-seeking landlords and facilitated by city […]

BRHG Take Manhattan

During November several of the BRHG mob made their way to New York where they gave a few talks and attended the MN30 conference to mark 30 years of the Midnight Notes collective. On Thursday 12th November BRHG gave a talk about how the group operates and what we do at the Brecht Forum called Radical History "From Below". The day after this Roger, Anny, Millsie and Rich gave talks on their chosen specialist subjects at 16 Beaver, the title of this evening was Why History Matters... & Why […]