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Unveiling of a blue plaque to Hilda Cashmore

Quaker, feminist, educator and social worker

The unveiling of a blue plaque to Hilda Cashmore quaker, feminist, educator and social worker and the first warden of Bristol's Barton Hill Settlement will take place at 12.00 noon on International Women's Day, Wednesday, 8th March 2023 at Wellspring Settlement, 43 Ducie Road, Barton Hill BS5 OAX. Quaker, feminist, social reformer and educator, whose work led to her election as the first woman president of the British Association of Residential Settlements, Cashmore was one of a number of […]

Film Premier – ‘The Singapore Mutiny’

transparent fiddle Not A BRHG Event
Documentary revealing how the First World War shaped Gandhi’s rise to prominence in India and the path to independence. Focusing on the bloody mutiny of the Indian battalion in Singapore in 1915, with eyewitness and expert interviews shot in India, Singapore, Germany and the UK. The film also features archive footage and drama interpretation. (50 minutes) Tony T of Sweet Patootee (who conceived, researched, wrote and produced the film) will be there to speak about the film and answer questions.

WW1’s Hidden Voices

The Role of India, East Africa, Nigeria and the West Indies

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Two critical presentations about the role of India, East Africa, Nigeria and the West Indies in WWI, including colonialism and recruitment, the impacts of war and our ongoing culture of war followed by discussion. Cultural Representations of World War One and other wars: how colonies are kept invisible. Presented by Kooj Chuhan Colonial realities of WWI: uncovering the involvement and experience of peoples from British colonies Presented by Dipali Das and Ruth Tait The Great War of 1914 -1918 is […]

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