Artists’ video installation at the Bearpit, (underpass to Broadmead shops) St James Barton roundabout, BS1 3LY

Shot in landscapes of Eastern Nigeria, Nevis & Greenbank cemetery Bristol UK, played on a loop in the Bearpit unfolds a human story in a trilogy of artist video film shorts that renders visible three generations of 18th century African women from one family separated by the transatlantic trade in human trafficking; Fanny (Fumnanya) Coker, her mother Igbo Polly (Adaeze) & grandmother, Igbo woman (Ojiugo). Fanny Coker 1767-1820 was the maidservant of the Georgian House Bristol, whose final remains rest at Greenbank cemetery, Bristol

African writers: Akachi Ezeigbo in Eastern Nigeria creates Igbo woman, Vida Rawlins in St Kitts & Nevis creates Black Polly & Ros Martin in Bristol Uk creates Fanny Coker. Total running time 33mins.

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