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Ralph Hoyte and Liz Crow created ‘the world’s first audioplay for an intelligent environment’ 1831 RIOT! in 2004 as part of Mobile Bristol. Hoyte went on to co-found Satsymph in 2011 with Phill Phelps and Marc Yeats to create geo-located dramatized heritage scenarios, contemporary classical music and poetic works of soundart. RIOT1831! Is the latest iteration of the original 1831 RIOT!, remade for Satsymph’s bespoke located audio platform (built by Phill Phelps). Other Satsymph works of located audio/soundart include Romancing the Gibbet (UWE Regional History Centre), the Quantock Poetry Trail and – currently – Ralph Hoyte’s Colston’s Last Journey. Ffi: satsymph.co.uk / ralphhoyte.org

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