Al Read (c1942- 2019)

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Musician and DJ Al Read was one of the managers of Bristol’s legendary Granary Club which ran from 1968 to 1988. He continued to look after the Club’s legacy, editing the Granary Newsletter and organising reunions until the end of his life in 2019.

It was appropriate that Al Read supported the major Bristol Music: Seven Decades of Sound exhibition at MShed in 2018. With Ed Newsom, he spoke fondly of his memories of the Granary Club at a BRHG event to commemorate the 1960s in Bristol in May 2018. Al  had contributed to all severn decades, from skiffle in the 1950s, to rock bands Alan G. Read and The Statesmen, the Franklyn Big Six, Barnaby Goode and most famously the early East of Eden, during the 1960s, before running the Granary Club and continuing its legacy in later years.

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