WWI Autumn 2016 Poster

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, 2016 Smoke, Gas, Strikes, Metal and Slums Meet at Bristol Temple Meads station forecourt. Well over 50 people turned up when we put on this walk in July. It was so popular we’re doing it again. So if you enjoyed it so much last time you want […] Geoff Woolfe
, 2016

Deserters, Conchies and Mutineers Ringleaders and Reds in Khaki - British Army mutinies during the First World War British Military historians and assorted flag-wavers celebrate the enthusiastic rush to the colours; the ensuing blood […] Julian Putkowski,
Lois Bibbings,
People’s Histreh
, 2016 Victims of the Somme Dings Park, Oxford St, Bristol BS2 0QU. A commemoration and wreath-laying to remember Arthur and Alfred Jefferies, both of whom were born in St Philips and lived in the Dings. Both fell as victims of […] Geoff Woolfe,
Lois Bibbings
, 2016

Bristol – Opposition to the First World War 'Canting humbugs' was the way some in Bristol characterised opponents of the 'Great War'. But it is now clear that men like local councillor Walter Ayles, prepared to go to prison for their beliefs, […] Colin Thomas
, 2016

Sylvia Pankhurst, The Dreadnought and the ‘Great War’ During the First World War Sylvia Pankhurst's newspaper, The Dreadnought was the most consistently anti-war publication. It not only opposed the global conflict but condemned the crushing of the 1916 […] John Newsinger
, 2016 Slaughter No Remedy The premier of Slaughter No Remedy a short film that studies the life of Walter Ayles a leading member of the Independent Labour Party in Bristol who was jailed in 1916 for his refusal to fight in […] Colin Thomas,
Lois Bibbings,
Ben Griffin,
Ben Pike

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