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Peter Harper coined the term ‘Alternative Technology’ in 1972, and later became Head of Innovation at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). During the mid-1970s, Peter and Godfrey Boyle co-edited Radical Technology, a compendium of ideas for sustainable living. Many of these ideas were showcased at local Comtek (Community Technology) events in Bath, a pioneering national celebration of innovation rolled into lively 1970’s pop festivals. Peter was also a regular contributor to the influential Undercurrents magazine, which ran from 1972-1984.

In 2016 Peter and Godfrey Boyle collaborated with original contributors to Radical Technology and members of the Bristol Radical History Group to put on the retropective and forward-looking Radical Technology Revisited Conference at the University of Bristol. In recent years, he has lectured widely on sustainability and decarbonisation initiatives. See Peter Harper’s website for further information about his work and philosophy.

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