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The Bristol Bus Boycott : Race, Unions and Civil Rights

Bristol Radical History Festival 2023 poster, featuring a Walter Crane print
The 1963 bus boycott against the Bristol Omnibus Company (BOC) was the first black-led campaign against racial discrimination in post-WW2 Britain. In the early 1960s,the black citizens of Bristol were experiencing racial discrimination in housing, employment, education, and welfare organisations. The one area of discrimination that particularly rankled was the 'colour bar' on the buses. A small group of local black activists decided to campaign for equal rights to employment on the city's buses. […]

State Intervention and the Abolition of the National Dock Labour Scheme

The Bristol Experience

Pill from the Avon bank.
Now and again certain key industrial disputes serve as a reminder that the state not only plays a central role in struggles between capital and labour, but that its interventions tend to be heavily biased towards employers. One such dispute concerned the abolition of the National Dock Labour Scheme (NDLS) in 1989, and the return of casual employment. In this case, state intervention was not only decisive in curtailing the ability of trade unions to take strike action but also delivered to the […]

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