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Smaller Videos

transparent fiddle Smaller Videos
I have made most of the videos from the BRHG Election Special smaller so that if you had trouble watching them before you should have better luck now. Videos from the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair will follow after some time.

Election Special Video

transparent fiddle Election Special Video
The videos of the following videos from the BRHG Election Special are now available: The Chartists And Their Legacy Thomas Spence The Forgotten Revolutionary Every Cook Can Govern

Election Special Swing-O-Meter

transparent fiddle Election Special Swing-O-Meter
Thanks to everybody who turned out for the Bristol Radical History Group Election Special. In all about 515 people turned up which averages out at 47 per event, peaking with around 80 for the walk and the Bring & Burn. It looks like we may just break even and so will live to fight another campaign. For those of you who were following the closely fought pamphlet constituency, Captain Swing narrowly won the seat with White Slavery coming in second. If you want details of our events as they […]

Election Special

transparent fiddle Election Special
The programme of events for the Bristol Radical History Group Election Special has been announced. In this series of events we will trace how we got the vote and try to find out whether there is a viable alternative to representational party democracy. Therefore, we will find out about Thomas Spence, The Chartist, The Reform Acts and the Suffragettes. Searching for democratic alternatives we will look at anarchism in the 19th Century, election by lottery in Athens and participatory democracy […]

Spring Events

transparent fiddle Spring Events
As well as the Morris Beckman event at The Cube on 1st March 2010 Bristol Radical History Group are planning a series of events for April around the theme of the inevitable General Election: Bristol Radical History Group Election Special The Struggle for Democracy in Britain Recent British histories arrogantly claimed that the ‘we’ brought democracy to the Empire and ultimately the world in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Despite centuries of struggle to wrestle power from an elite few, the vote in […]

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