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Stokes Croft Gentrification Alert!

transparent fiddle Stokes Croft Gentrification Alert!
Save Stokes Croft The clubs, pubs, cafés, squatted centres and artists’ studios of Stokes Croft have been the core of Bristol’s underground music and art scene for decades. This is the area that brought us Banksy, Roni Size, The Wild Bunch, Massive Attack, the famous Bristol club, free party and punk scene and all the other things that have made Bristol an exciting place to live since the 1960s. Now all this is under threat as Bristol City Council and property developers such as ‘Urban Creation’ […]

The Wicker Pirate

transparent fiddle The Wicker Pirate
To publicize the 125th anniversary of the publication of Treasure Island the Long John Silver Trust have commissioned a wicker statue of Long John. This statue had its unveiling at Waterstones book shop in Bristol’s Galleries on Thursday 6th March (which happened to be World Book Day). The sculpture, by Stephen Froom of Wicked Willow, was unveiled by the Mayor of Bristol, some Waterstones’ pirates, Dumpling The Parrot (from JungleTalk) and yours truly. Helping us were pupils from Hanah More […]

Greetings from across the Atlantic

transparent fiddle Greetings from across the Atlantic
Dear Bristol Friends, The evening that I shared a platform with Richard Hart and spoke at one of your meetings last year was a high point of several weeks I spent in Britain. To see so many people interested in--and knowledgeable about--radical history was a thrill. I know of no equivalent to the BRHG in any city in the United States--not even in San Francisco, where I live, which has long had the reputation of being one of the strongest labor union towns in the country. Good luck in your many […]

Welcome To The Bristol Radical History Blog

transparent fiddle Welcome To The Bristol Radical History Blog
This is the BRHG blog. A number of people who have been involved with our events have been asked to contribute to our blog. Hopefully this will build into an interesting collection of articles, musings and rants about history and current affairs.

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