The website has been rearranged slightly. Everything that was in the Mob section is now in the Archive. Within the Archive the listing of audio files has been merged with the speaker profiles to form the Talks page, this now lists all of the BRHG talks and lectures. The Events page has been plumbed into the news section so that the list of current events should be easier to maintain.


Bristol Radical History Group have set up a "group" on facebook. This will be used to notify people of events and to discuss stuff and t'ing. Find the Bristol Radical History Facebook Group Unfortunately if you do not have a facebook account this will be of absolutely no use to you what so ever. But of course all the details of our events will continue to be posted here. ;ref=ts&gid=126960655805

BRHG Take Manhattan

During November several of the BRHG mob made their way to New York where they gave a few talks and attended the MN30 conference to mark 30 years of the Midnight Notes collective. On Thursday 12th November BRHG gave a talk about how the group operates and what we do at the Brecht Forum called Radical History "From Below". The day after this Roger, Anny, Millsie and Rich gave talks on their chosen specialist subjects at 16 Beaver, the title of this evening was Why History Matters... & Why […]

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