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Bristol Radical History Week 2006:
28th October - 5th November

32 Events, Over 9 Days at 7 Venues

Lectures, Debates, Films, Gigs, Walks & Art

BRHW 2006 logo

Bristol Radical History Week 2006 was a series of events aimed at opening up to public scrutiny some of the hidden and misrepresented history of Bristol. Rather then concentrating on royals, famous engineers or wealthy merchants, Bristol Radical History Week was concerned with the proper people of Bristol. The mass of sometime rebellious and mutinous people who had their own agendas to fulfil.

The week also looked at the links to people who were drawn into the network of Atlantic trading that centred on Bristol as a port. These are the impressed sailors, West African slaves, transported vagrants, indentured labourers and pirates amongst others, who made up what has recently been called the 'Atlantic Proletariat'.

The week featured the following events:



Public Lectures & Debates/Commemorations/Socials: Films At The Cube Microplex Children's Events
Morning Afternoon Evening
Sat 28th Oct Commemoration:
James Nayler
Launch Event &
Nayler Seminar
The Liberty Tree: Leon Rosselson and Robb Johnson    
Sun 29th Oct Tune into Star 107.2 FM At 9:00am. 1831 Commemoration:
1831 Uprising
Captain Blood  
Mon 30th Oct   Author's Choice:
Mike Jay
Radical Bristol: The 1790's Winstanley  
Bristol Room Tour - Central Library
Tue 31st Oct     Slave Revolts Clarkson & Tamango  
Wed 1st Nov     The Anti-Slavery Movement in Bristol    
Surfin' Turnips
Thur 2nd Nov   Author's Choice:
Mike Manson
Dorothy Hazzard Seminar The Cunard Yanks & GI Babes  

Fri 3rd Nov

Special Viewing at Bristol City Museum Author's Choice:
Peter Linebaugh
Insurrectionary Bristol: 1980    
Sat 4th Nov Revolt of the Unemployed Revolutionary Atlantic Can't Y'Dance The Polka? Kid's Matinee - Treasure Island Late Night - Burn! A Riot Of Colour
Sun 5th Nov Historical Walks Unplugged Turnips   Hanging At Kenn & Bristol At War Pirate Walk

As well as the above events there was a week long art exhibition at the Spy Glass and a display of radical literature at Bristol Central Reference Library. Click here for details.

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