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Bristol Radical History Week 2006


The New Model Army's Relief of Bristol

Sunday 5th November, St. Werburghs City Farm, 12 noon Breakfast, Walk Starts 1.00pm - 3.00pm, The Walk Is Free, Breakfast Is Not

History Walk from St Werburghs City Farm to the centre of Bristol focusing on The New Model Army's relief of Bristol in 1645 Meet at 12noon at the St. Werburghs City Farm Cafe for breakfast (to cure hangovers from the Sea Shanty night at the Cube). Leaving at 1.00pm, Jim McNeill, local historian, storyteller and member of Living Easton, retraced the steps of the New Model Army's relief of Bristol in 1645. We found out why Cromwell Hill is so named, why the Royalist Prince Rupert cared more about his pet dogs than the starving people of Bristol and why the City father's still haven't come to terms with Cromwell's victory, plus much more about the social and political history of Bristol.

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