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, 2017 Life and Death in two Victorian Workhouses Downed Local History Society. Downend Folk House, Lincombe Barn, Overndale Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2RW Bedminster: the true story of how the local community pulled together to uncover murder in […] Di Parkin,
Rosemary L Caldicott
, 2017 The Captain Swing Riots United Reform Church Hall, Boulevard, Waterloo St, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1LF The ‘Swing riots’ were a massive wave of protests, machine breaking, arson and extortion carried out by impoverished farm […] Roger Ball
, 2017
The 1831 Bristol rising   After the defeat of the first reform bill in early October 1831 violent protests exploded in many British cities. The rising in Bristol was the most spectacular and suffered the harshest […]
, 2017
Kurdish/Syria Solidarity night Tonight is an evening to find out more about the situation in Northern Syria and the region that the Kurdish groups and those that support them call Rojava. We are going to show two films and have […]
, 2017
A ‘night of infamy’: Black Friday, 1892 Bristol was rocked by two major strike waves in the late 19th Century, the first (1889-90) marked the emergence of ‘new unionism’ representing male and (significantly) female unskilled and […] Roger Ball
, 2017 Film showing: The White Ribbon   This film showing kicks off a series of events this year from the Remembering the Real World War One group looking at WW1 from a German historical perspective. Film Summary: In the run-up to […]
, 2017 Life and death in two Bristol Victorian workhouses Clevedon Civic Society, St Andrew’s Church Centre, Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 7UE Rosemary Caldicott, author of The Life and Death of Hannah Wiltshire: A Case Study of Bedminster Union Workhouse […] Rosemary L Caldicott,
Roger Ball
, 2017 Book Launch: The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain Eds. G Dawson, Jo Dover and Stephen Hopkins. MUP Nov 2016. This ground-breaking book provides the first comprehensive investigation of the history and memory of the Northern Ireland Troubles in […] Di Parkin,
Geoffrey Bell

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