Breviary Stuff Publications

An independent publisher of radical history, working class history and history from below. For almost 10 years they have reproduced out-of-print classics along with new titles for affordable prices, unlike the majority of academic publishers.

Six Points

Our friends across the water, the Newport Chartist historians have recently founded a publishing house ‘Six Points’, which aims to produce and promote high quality books that explore nineteenth century Radicalism, the ideas of Chartism and their historical antecedents, the movement’s context and development into modern times. A recent work is Peter Strong’s The Bristol Connection, the neglected story of the political, cultural and commercial links across the Bristol Channel between the city of Bristol and Newport and other parts of south east Wales in the 19th century.

History From Below network

The History From Below network is a loose international network of independent radical history activists and practitioners.

Remembering the Real WW1

In line with Bristol’s long radical traditions, RRWW1 want to ensure that there are events locally remembering the reality of this war.

Countering Colston

We are a network of individuals who believe that this is wrong and we demand that it should end now.

Instead, we call for action to achieve and perpetuate the following positive aims:

  • Remember the full, true history of transatlantic slavery, colonialism and exploitation;
  • Commemorate and mourn the people who suffered and died as a result of the slave trade, and recognise the coerced economic contribution that they made;
  • Celebrate the people who courageously resisted slavery and fought for abolition and emancipation;
  • Acknowledge and repair, as far as possible, the negative effects in the present day of historical slavery;
  • Promote ideas of human dignity, equality and freedom.

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