Miscellaneous events from 2011.

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, 2011 Wapping 1986-87 Film: Despite The Sun The Wapping print dispute was one of the last large set-piece battles between the labour movement and the Thatcher regime and had ramifications that are still being felt today - […] Mike Richardson,
Mike Jempson,
Paul Breeden
, 2011

Beddoes Plaque Unveiling A short "affixing ceremony" to fit a plaque to mark the grave of Thomas Beddoes. Present will be Mike Jay, author of The Atmosphere Of Heaven: The Unnatural Experiments of Dr Beddoes and His Sons of […] Mike Jay
, 2011

Hydra Bookshop Opening A talk by Ian Bone - '1919 – year of revolution' - Maria Spiridonova, Jaroslav Hasek, Gabriel D’Annunzio, Percy Fisher, Simon Radowitzgy, Gustav Landauer, Max Holz. Listen to this talk: Download this […] Ian Bone
, 2011

Liverpool 1911 – A City On The Edge Steve Higginson "Rhythms That Carry" "You need not attach great importance to the rioting in Liverpool last night. It took place in an area where disorder is a chronic feature". - Winston Churchill […]
, 2011 Sheila Coleman The recent debate in the House of Commons which culminated in a decision to release all Hillsborough documents was generally perceived as a victory for those fighting for justice. The debate arose […] Sheila Coleman
, 2011 Lessons from the Tredegar Medical Aid Society The Tredegar Medical Aid Society was founded in Tredegar in South Wales in 1890. In return for a contribution from its members it supplied free health care. This society contributed the model which […] John Desmond
, 2011 Rebellion in Patagonia Rebellion in Patagonia (Spanish: La Patagonia rebelde) is a 1974 Argentine film directed by Héctor Olivera and written by Olivera with Osvaldo Bayer and Fernando Ayala, based on Osvaldo Bayer\\\'s […] Carlos Guarita
, 2011 The August Riots The August "riots" were portrayed by the media and politicians as the actions of "greedy feral youth" within a "criminal underclass". Most of these politically loaded explanations were presented […] Roger Ball
, 2011 Meet the Editor of Minor Compositions – Stevphen Shukaitis Minor Compositions is a research – theorizing – publishing project whose aim is to bring together, develop, and mutate forms of autonomist thought and practice, avant-garde aesthetics, and an everyday […] Stevphen Shukaitis

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